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Yogesh is a Growth Mindset Expert and Coach. Author of an upcoming book. He empowers people to discover their true potential using his human transformation and personal growth tools.

He worked in IT/Telecom Industry for 16 years with companies like Nokia, HP and Bank of America in various leadership roles. During his corporate journey, he realized that many people are stuck in their life, they have dreams but they are not chasing their dreams.

He believes that everyone is a GIANT and has the capability to change their lives and of others provided, they have the right knowledge and tools. After researching successful people for many years, he developed Life Framework ( Blueprint). He gave up his job, decided to pursue his passion to help people and started a company which develops Online Personal Transformation products and conducts workshops.

He is on a mission to transform the lives of ONE MILLION people into GIANTs in the next 10 years.