are you the victim of information overload

Are you making these information overload mistakes?

Hope you’re awesome Today.

In today’s time, social media, newspaper, and television connect us to the world  24X7. We are exposed to the information never before in the history of humanity — the minute it happens in any part of the world this information bombards us.

In a way this information is useful, but it has huge repercussions on our mind. I call this phenomenon INFORMATION OVERLOAD. It may seem that more news is useful, but it creates more harm than good on an individual’s perception and how it shapes our behaviour.

What happens when we are exposed to huge information which we are not actively seeking?

The answer is the absence of curiosity. We learn best when we are curious when we are hungry and likely to implement that information in our life. 

These things happen to us.

1) We create Beliefs- Based on the information; we develop beliefs about the world and people.

2) We Live- Based on the ideas we Live our life.

Would like to share my experience of how my decision to discard information changed my life. A few years ago I was like most of the people. Getting up in the morning and having a cup of tea while reading the newspaper and expose me to the information which was of no use to me. 

One day I decided to stop reading the newspaper and started going to the gym. Trust me it was not an easy decision especially when your habit which took years to form. However, I committed to myself that no matter what I will go every day. I injured myself within the first week, but I was not in the mood to give up. 

I was curious and wanted to learn, I read a lot of books and articles and understood the right techniques. After a few weeks, my body started to respond. I began to have the energy which I had never experienced before (probably when I was young). After this, I started focusing on things which I used to avoid earlier because of lack of energy and enthusiasm.

With this extra time in my hand, I joined a public speaking club which I wanted to join for a long time. This decision changed my life.

Not sure what you should do first thing in the morning but I’m sharing my experience

1. Connect to yourself first- I Sit alone and write journal first thing in the morning, and it helps me to connect to myself at a more in-depth level. It helps me search deep inside my heart. Listen to it and understand what it says. This simple habit will change your life. 

2. Use Imagination- When you come across new information, use your imagination and ask yourself “how can this information change my life”.

3. Experiment- Experiment, what works and what doesn’t work. There is no magic formula.

When this kind of small changes keeps happening, one day you find that your life is transformed. That’s what happened to me. Because of this experimentation, I have figured it out the Focus Formula which I teach in my workshops.

Discard information which doesn’t help you in becoming a better person and Start focusing on information which is essential and enables you to grow in life.

Look at your life right now and think for a moment what you need to focus on. Something you must change to change your life. What is that ONE thing?

About Yogesh Yogesh Singh is a FOCUS COACH and Entrepreneur. Author of the book “The Limitless YOU”. An ordinary engineer who worked for MNC’s for 16 years, he struggled with focus in his life initially. In his quest to live his best life he discovered focus tools and strategies.