How Do you feel when you get up in the morning?

How do you feel when you get up in the morning?

Many of you have heard me talking about this earlier, how my life changed when I saw a survey result. I m talking about Gallup survey that was conducted in 142 countries and whatthey found was that 87 per cent of the employees are “disengaged” from theirjobs. Means people don’t like their jobs. It means they don’t like their jobs; they wantto do something else.

To understand the ground reality, I interviewed people who are working with companies and asked them questions to know what they want from their life.

There was this one guy 22 years old named Rahul, who was working with an MNC IT company.

This is how the conversation goes.

Yogesh: “What’s your dream.”

Rahul: “My dream is to become a musician. But, Its just a hobby now” (see the language “hobby”)

Yogesh: “How do you feel when you get up in the morning? Do you look forward to the day or you think it’s just another day”?

Rahul: “Just normal. Nothing great.”

Yogesh: “Do you have plans to do what you want to do.”

Rahul: “No”

Yogesh: “OK. Tell me one thing. Imagine your life 50 years later, and you are a grandfather.  You have your grandchildren coming to you and asking you about your life story, what stories you would tell them.”

Rahul: “I will tell them DO WHAT YOU LOVE DOING.”

Yogesh: “No. I am asking you to tell them your real-life stories. Not Gyan. What would you tell them? Would you tell them “that I gave up when I was 22 years old”? or would you tell them that despite challenges I chased my dreams.”

Rahul: *Silent*

This guy was honest at least he didn’t speak a lie. Most of the people don’t speak the truth.

This is how most of the people live their life.

  • They give up too early and live a mediocre life.
  • They do something their whole life they don’t like.
  • They don’t accept the responsibility for their life; they blame the whole world.

What we must do instead.

Do what you love doing.

Keep trying. Don’t give up.

Life is not a straight line; it has many curves in it — ups and Downs. You will face failures and setbacks.

eventually, you will reach where you want to reach.

Be Limitless.

About Yogesh Yogesh Singh is a FOCUS COACH and Entrepreneur. Author of the book “The Limitless YOU”. An ordinary engineer who worked for MNC’s for 16 years, he struggled with focus in his life initially. In his quest to live his best life he discovered focus tools and strategies.