how to find the right direction in life and stay focused?

Once, there was a man who was about to die. He was on his deathbed living last few days of his life.

One of his friends come to meet him. He said “if you get a chance to re-live your life what is that you would do with your life differently,” The old man thought for a moment and said “when I was young, I had many dreams. Dreams which could have impacted people. However, I did not take action because of fear, and I was busy doing things which today I feel were a waste of time. If I get a chance, Which I know I won’t. I will do something which is close to my heart.”

Friends, this is the story of many of us. I was also in a similar situation a few years ago. I was working with an MNC, and I was paid well, my life was settled but I was not happy inside. I struggled with it and finally decided to focus on what is close to my heart.

Today, I will talk about how to find the right direction in life and stay focused. I will share three steps how I changed my life.

So why it’s important to focus in the right direction and set the right goals.

1) Unfulfilled life- Deep inside(unconsciously) everyone knows what he or she should do with their life. However, they don’t do it because of fear or many other excuses. Because of this, they live an unfulfilled life.

2)Struggle in life- What is close to your heart is where your true potential lies. If you are doing something other, then that, life will be a struggle.

So, what are the three steps?

  1. Check your feelings-your feelings tells you that you need to change something. Look at your feelings. Ask yourself Is there something that needs to change?
  2. Discover what do you want- Most of the people think about money when they think about the goal. I would suggest discard money at this point. Instead, Listen to your heart. Whatever you feel close to your heart do that. There must be something you care about. Something you are passionate about. Do that.
  3. Write your goals- Most of the people don’t write their goals. Take out a pen and paper and write. Set your 90 Days, three years and ten years goals. Think big but start small.

Remember- Where you put your focus on. That thing grows. Focus on things that is close to your heart and set goals accordingly.

Einstein said- Everybody is a Genius. But, If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.

Be Limitless

About Yogesh Yogesh Singh is a FOCUS COACH and Entrepreneur. Author of the book “The Limitless YOU”. An ordinary engineer who worked for MNC’s for 16 years, he struggled with focus in his life initially. In his quest to live his best life he discovered focus tools and strategies.