absolute responsibility

Three reasons why taking absolute responsibility is important

For the last few days, I was asking my kids” Do you want to live the new year as you lived this year or Do you want to do something new in the coming year? Something exciting. They were trying to avoid me so that I don’t ask the same question again. Kids are kids they don’t understand the depth and meaning of it.

Today morning on first of January, when my kids got up in the morning I asked the same question “Do you want to live this year same as you lived last year or do you want to do something to become a better human being.”

I’m having the conversation with my elder son Aarav aged 12 who is in class 7.

Aarav: Dad I want to learn new skills to become a better animator.

Me: That’s what most of the people think that by learning new skills they will become a better human being. That’s a wrong way to look at it.

Aarav: That’s what my friends are doing.

Me: I’m not interested in what your friends are doing. I want to know what do you feel. Something you feel that must be changed to become better person this year. Let me give you a hint. It might be something you are scared to do, something you have been tolerating or it could be something that your heart says “if I do this, my life will be great”

Aarav: *Silent*

Me: Imagine. You know all the answers, my son.

Aarav: No idea

Me: Ok. Let’s take the example of a superhero. Who is your favourite superhero.

Aarav: Spiderman

Me: Tell me the greatest quality of Spiderman.

Aarav: He never gives up.

Me: That’s right. Never give up means, once he decides, he takes 100 per cent responsibility for his decisions. He could change his destiny and that of other people by completely owning his decisions.

This is what happens when we take absolute responsibility for our life.

Three Reasons

  1. We find a way to do what we want to do. Never blame others — neither god nor fate.
  2. We become powerful by accepting the responsibilities of our decisions whether right or wrong.
  3. By taking 100 per cent responsibility we accept our failures, we look deep into the problem and learn from them and grow as a better human being.

Everyone has goals, and we all want to achieve goals, but we don’t take 100 responsibility for them. Learning new skills to achieve a goal is a bad idea. First, we must grow as a person to achieve that goal. We must make ourself deserving of that goal.

Would like to know “Do you want to live this year same as you lived last year or do you want to do something to become a better human being.”

About Yogesh Yogesh Singh is a FOCUS COACH and Entrepreneur. Author of the book “The Limitless YOU”. An ordinary engineer who worked for MNC’s for 16 years, he struggled with focus in his life initially. In his quest to live his best life he discovered focus tools and strategies.