Why you should never give up on your dreams?

Why you should never give up on your dreams?

Everyone has dreams. I’m not talking about wishful thinking or daydreaming. I’m talking about the real passion you have, things you really care about in this world.

Are you the one who has given up on their dreams and resolved to mediocrity?

Truth is that each one of us is capable to achieve our dreams. We are no different than others who have achieved their dreams.  This world belongs to dreamers, The GIANTs. Whatever we see in our surroundings it was someone’s dream at some point in time and they made it a reality. People who dreamed and followed, they are the one who achieved it.

After graduation, I joined an IT company, then another company and it goes on. After a few years in office, it became a routine, same project, same people. It felt like life has come to standstill, no enthusiasm, no energy and feeling of emptiness inside. I kept on dragging for few years but a time came when I said enough is enough. I realized that I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do, Start my own company. Within a year I planned to quit my job (was working with an MNC at that time) and then started following my dream. As there is a saying journey is better than the destination. It’s true in my case. I’m enjoying every moment of it.

I will give you three compelling reasons why you must work towards achieving your dreams.

  1. We got only ONE LIFE– I don’t believe in reincarnation. Do you? 90% of people die without achieving their dreams. They live in a comfort zone and they die in a comfort zone without unleashing their full potential. Anyway, life is a one-way journey, no one gets another chance.
  2. You will not be TRULY HAPPY– when we have a dream, a desire. if we don’t work towards achieving that dream, it feels like a failure. Does it happen to you? then you can feel what I’m talking about.
  3. Your Dreams tells you about the real potential you have– Walt Disney also said if you can dream it you can achieve it. What it means is that if you are capable to dream something you have everything to achieve that dream.

I will ask you to perform a small exercise. Sit alone in a quiet place and close your eyes. Imagine you are on your deathbed and it’s the last day of your life. What kind of feeling would you have if you do not follow your dreams?

Feeling of regret or Feeling of Fulfillment?  If you don’t follow your dreams now, it will be too late if you realize it on your deathbed. I urge you to ask this question until you get the clarity. Trust me it will transform your life.

About Yogesh

Yogesh Singh is a FOCUS COACH and Entrepreneur. Author of the book “The Limitless YOU”. An ordinary engineer who worked for MNC’s for 16 years, he struggled with focus in his life initially. In his quest to live his best life he discovered focus tools and strategies.